Environmental, Social and Governance Considerations

Fidera aims to be a responsible investor. We are focused on fully understanding and where possible mitigating the risks that we take on behalf of our clients over the lifecycle of each investment. Our due diligence process identifies environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) factors that can materially influence the financial performance of our investments. Fidera’s investment process combines these ESG factors, where pertinent, with traditional financial, legal, procedural and stakeholder due diligence to develop a comprehensive picture of risks and opportunities related to each investment.

We take a hands-on approach to generating returns, working closely with other key stakeholders. We use our experience and our network to provide guidance and advice where required in relation to responsible investing and responsible operations. Where possible, we aim to be a catalyst for a sustainable positive change even after we have exited an investment.

At Fidera, we are also cognisant of the role that our company has beyond our investment activity. We look to be a responsible citizen providing a stimulating and inclusive workplace where our team can excel in their careers. Furthermore, we have initiated several programmes to become more efficient in our use of resources and reduce the environmental footprint of our business activity.